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A crucial part of empowerment in people’s lives begins with education, geared toward childhood education and helping young adults gain skills for employment.

 Assisting the underprivileged children frequent schools through sponsorship program.

This year alone 2023 we have:

-Nursery and primary school sponsored pupils – 400

-Secondary school – 200

- Colleges/ TVT 100

-university 50

Many more over 700 have graduated from colleges, universities, polytechnics, with various skills and have joined the working class.


Classroom Construction

Assistance in starting up schools and setting up classrooms for daily instructions and learning.

Schools started:  Manyatta primary, Kadutura primary, Rumuruti Special School, Mathanji Primary, Narok Primary, Island Primary, Sosian Boarding, Kiahiti Primary,Familia Takatifu Primary

Classroms built:  Mary Mother of Grace Secondary, Pagani Girls Secondary, Magomano Primary, Aiyam Primary



Intervention in treatment of sick pupils and underprivileged adults by paying for their medical care.


Feeding program in schools

Success in ongoing feeding programme to primary schools which offer a meal a day to help retain pupils at schools and increased enrolment of pupils.

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Re- settlement of tribal clashes victims and poor’s through land buying and sub-divisions.

As a result, many centres/towns have mushroomed such as Kadutura, O.M.C , maji mengi, Bobong`i, villages where also large flower/horticulture farms have developed, creating employment for the local people.

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Adopt a Village program

On going project since  Covid -19 being one of our intervention. This involves visiting families with difficulties in getting food and medical care with a package of foodstuffs worth at least Ksh.1,500.

It’s a project very much appreciated and the NGO gains knowledge on living conditions of the villagers and challenges facing them and their immediate needs.


Water provision

Drilling of boreholes in villages and schools for provision of water to communities and pupils. e.g. Aiyam borehole, Sosian boarding borehole, Thome borehole, Bobong`i borehole, and still on the process of drilling more in collaboration with other partners and NGOs.



Provision of medical care and basic needs to the victims.

Enrolment on monthly token for sustainability of other needs.

Sponsorship of affected children by catering for their schools needs, medical , food and affected special needs children enrolling them to special schools.

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Rescue Centre

A rented house which caters for total orphans, forced early marriage victims and any other urgent case in need of intervention.

A lot of cases have been identified and reported to our offices but due to small space, the NGO is unable to meet the demand hence need for expansion.

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